LoneCreek Productions

Software Development Excellence

Application Development

We can develop applications using the following development environments and languages

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Delphi
  • PHP
  • Java


We can interface and use most databases to store data from our applications.

The more popular databases we use are

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL Server


Reports are a critical part of most applications, especially where data are stored for later use. We have been using the following report technologies in previous applications...

  • Quick Reports
  • RAVE Reports
  • Crystal Reports


All-in one pack house software to manage the Input / Output of fruit and vegetables in the agriculture industry.

With a build in export system you can now be your own exporter and save millions of rands. more...


All-in one biometrics (finger print) time and attendance system. With a easy and attractive interface, you will be able to see on the spot who is clocked in or out.

It also features a payroll system and thus no extra payroll software is needed.
(Should you already have Pastel Payroll, TimeGuard can export the time register for use in Pastel Payroll)

TimeGuard also includes and scheduling system for up to the second wage calculations. more...


Label print software for easy sorting of goods in the courier industry. more...


Car Rental Companies will love this. Do bookings, invoicing, keep client records, generate reports with this very attractive and user friendly system. Booking is as simple as creating a appointment with Microsoft Outlook ™

SMS Gateway

Need to send bulk or single SMS'es to clients or colleagues using a simple client program or web interface via a single GSM modem? more...

HQPack | TimeGaurd | TyreTrack | Rentcon | SMS Gateway


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